Entrepreneurship for generations

Our belief

“Entrepreneurship is done for generations,” is our conviction. Therefore, together with the entrepreneur, we build a future-proof company and strive for long-term value creation over short-term gain.

“The goal is not to sail the ship, but to help the ship sail itself.”

- John Rousmaniere

Create value for the customer

In our view, value creation in companies starts with a keen understanding of how the company creates value for the customer and differentiates itself from the competition. Innovation serves this customer value and is essential to maintain and further expand the value proposition. A strong financial performance is an important precondition for this, ensuring continuity and opportunities to invest in a strong team of people and the necessary resources.
Consistency in the focus on customer value – from a shared and passionately lived vision – makes the proposition truly distinctive, the brand strong, the customers loyal and the employees proud. And thus the competitive advantage sustainable and the company future-proof. Above-average revenue growth, a strong market position and shareholder value are long-term rewards of a focus on customer value, not short-term goals in themselves.

Entrepreneurial investing

Our approach

Entrepreneurial investing stands for much more than just injecting capital. We are actively involved and perform various value-adding activities, combining knowledge, experience and creativity. This can be summarized in five roles. The extent to which we fulfill each role varies by company. We also work with a network of partners who are familiar with PMH’s approach. We can engage these specialists directly, if necessary, to provide project-based support in various fields (including legal, notarial, financial, tax, human resources and information technology).

Strategic sparringpartner

We provide a clear, strategic orientation and identify growth opportunities by providing keen insight into the environment, the market and your own organization. On this basis, we make clear choices together with the entrepreneur. We develop an appropriate strategy and help implement it vigorously.

Along the way, we ensure that the company remains alert to new opportunities and developments and responds to them proactively. Even when everything is going well.

Innovation booster

We encourage innovation in the company to further strengthen distinctiveness. We do this by openly proposing new ideas, developments and opportunities, both from within and outside the sector in which the company operates.


Financial expert

We ensure a healthy financial structure and liquidity in the company, as a foundation for further growth. We make additional capital available for this growth. Where necessary, we use our strong reputation to arrange additional (bank) financing. In addition, we support management in further professionalizing its reporting structure and in acquisitions and large-scale investments.


We use our extensive network to strengthen the company in every possible way. Where necessary or desired, we take the lead in identifying and approaching interesting parties. In addition, we facilitate synergies and cross-pollinations between companies in our portfolio wherever possible, without being restrictive in this respect.

Coach and sounding board

We monitor the entrepreneurial quality, strengthen it – where necessary – from a coaching role and form a sounding board for the entrepreneur.

Our venture capital

Our capital

Capital is the fuel of any business. Whether you want to launch a revolutionary new product, expand your existing business or acquire a competitor, as an entrepreneur you will need capital to finance these plans. In addition, you will need cash to run your business (working capital) and will want to have some reserves behind you for unexpected setbacks. As a private equity firm, we provide venture capital to entrepreneurs to finance growth. Venture capital – also called venture capital – is equity contributed by the owners of the company in exchange for shares or (in combination with) a subordinated loan.

This equity is risk-bearing because it is unsecured and its providers therefore bear the full continuity risk. As a reward for providing equity, shareholders are entitled to the profits the company makes and the increase in value of the shares.

Therefore, when we invest in your company, everything is in the interest of both you as entrepreneur and us as shareholders to make the company grow. As an entrepreneurial investor, our approach therefore goes far beyond providing venture capital alone.

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