The story of PMH Investments begins in 1993. Bart van der Meer is regional director at a large Dutch bank, with more than 25 years of service. Due to his active involvement with local entrepreneurs, he sees an increasing demand for venture capital in small and medium-sized enterprises. This creates a management buy-in situation in more and more companies instead of internal succession.

From day one, two things are certain for participation: an independent position, by investing only own capital (no fund). And an actively involved role in the participations, which goes further than just providing capital. At that time a very progressive approach. And even today, these pillars still form the foundation of PMH Investments.

Due to a growth in both advisory activities and participations, there is a need for focus and more structure in portfolio management. This leads Bart van der Meer and his son Durk to the shared vision of shaping a fully-fledged private equity firm aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2001, Durk van der Meer decided to make the switch from the investment banking division of a large Dutch bank to develop the investment activities together with Bart into a fully-fledged private equity firm aimed at SMEs, under the name Participatiemaatschappij Heerenveen (PMH).

This step marks a tipping point: PMH shifts its focus and in the following years develops from an advisory organization with its own participations to a private equity firm that also carries out consultancy activities for third parties. The increasingly international character of the activities in the years that follow led to the name change to PMH Investments. Due to the growth of its own portfolio, PMH has been focusing entirely on its own participations since 2010.

Today, PMH Investments’ portfolio includes participations in several companies with a Dutch head office, active in the Netherlands and abroad.