As a private equity firm, we are independent because we invest with our own capital (not a fund). We distinguish ourselves from other private equity firms and investors through a combination of four points, resulting in a unique proposition:

“The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to turn, and the realist adjusts the sails.”

- William Arthur Ward

1. Capital and an actively involved approach

In addition to contributing risk capital, we are actively involved in our participations and perform various value-adding activities. We call this combination entrepreneurial investing.

2. Focus on future-proofing and long-term value creation

“You do business for generations.” That is our belief. That is why we are building a future-proof company together with the entrepreneur and we strive for long-term value creation over short-term gain. We do not have a rigid exit. Decisive for the exit moment is the extent to which we can contribute to further growth or optimization through entrepreneurial investment.

3. Collaborating based on trust, with the entrepreneur at the steering wheel

The main thing for us is that the entrepreneur retains the initiative and thus remains the emotional owner of the company. That is why both a majority and minority interest can be discussed, taking into account the total financing requirement. As a shareholder, we do not take the position of the entrepreneur, but we develop the company together. We do this on the basis of mutual trust, clear personal responsibilities and a shared passion for entrepreneurship.

4. Switch quickly with a view to the future

We are pragmatic, flexible and have short lines of communication. This allows us to switch quickly and act decisively. We know from our own experience that entrepreneurship is not an exact science. That is why we always have a constructive and solution-oriented attitude and we remain behind the entrepreneur. Even when things don’t go as planned.